Learning Opportunities in a Safe Environment

My purpose is to create learning opportunities for individuals and couples who are interested in experiencing more freedom, pleasure, and heart-centered connection in their sexuality and intimacy. I combine bodywork, relational exercises, energy work, somatic awareness and transformational communication.

I provide a structured, accepting, loving environment for you to feel safe to ask questions you may have always been afraid to ask. It is my highest intention that our work together supports you in creating and experiencing the life you truly desire.

~ Dr. HazelGrace Yates, Clinical Sexologist & Certified Sex Coach ~

My personal story of my sexual abuse, guilt and shame around sexuality to healing, transformation, and sexual liberation.

***Note – My nickname is “Queen Be” as stated in this video.

~ Playshops ~

Sensual & Educational Experiences in Your Own Home

Playshops are fun, educational 4-hour private group lessons for 2 – 8 people hosted in your home within the Denver, CO or Houston, TX. Traveling to your hometown is also an option.

Each session can accommodate any TWO playshop topics from the list below.

Fun & Exploration

Genital Mapping

Let’s slow everything way down! Guide your partner to explore your genitals creating a map of information. You may notice pleasure, numbness or pain in some areas. You are now at choice with what you want to do with your map!

Anal Mapping

Moving slowly and consensually, we can discover and map out our anal pain and pleasure. This maps gives us more information which can empower us how we want to move forward with ourselves or with our partners.

Communal Mindful Self-Pleasure

Yoga Class meets ecstatic dancing meets mindful masturbation. Each person will create an intention and a nest (approx. a yoga mat space). A 45-minute Musical journey is provided to direct yourself in self-pleasure in whatever form pleasure looks to you. While we are practicing communally, the intention is for you to stay connected and present to YOUR experience.

Power Dynamics

Let’s playfully play with power exchange. How does power dynamics show up in your relationships and bedroom? We will create a consensual container allowing us to flirt and dance with power play exercises.

Your Erotic Fingerprint

The map of your turn on and turn offs is like no other! You will discover your unique erotic fingerprint on a deeper level empowering yourself and also possessing useful information for your intimate partners.

Non-Sexual Naked Coconut Oil Contact Improv Dancing (AKA – Human Slip and Slide)

Exactly how it sounds. You will be guided safely through a grounding and honoring opening and the chance to share your fears and experience of being witnessed by another…literally…. naked! This will be a tightly held container in that we agree not to act from our sexual motives keeping the experience non-sexual. Then we play, slip and slide on each other, laugh, cry or whatever you feel. All feelings are welcome.


Body Image Loving
Each scar has a story – some are funny and some are painful. You will have an opportunity to share your story and be witnessed. You will also learn massage and healing techniques and the chance to practice on one another.
Shame Clearing
In this interactive workshop we will bring to the surface the shame that is running in the background. Then we will have the opportunity to by choice re-write new truths that enliven and empower you!
Partner Healing
Partner in this context is anyone you would deem partner. Would you like to offer your partner some healing? Would you like to receive healing from your partner? Do you want to create some healing practices together in your partnership?
Wisdom Circle
Let’s combine our wisdom and transformative power as a collective and create a circle of healing. Is there some aspect of you relationship to your sexuality that wants attention, understanding or acceptance? Each of us can share the support we can offer and what support we want and together we co-create magic!
Gender Journey
Have you considered the impacts and influences your gender has had on your life? Let’s come together to both offer compassion for the pain we have experienced and celebrate the joys of our genders.

Sensuality & Massage

Heart Centered Sensual Exploration

Together we create a heart centered and clear boundary container allowing us to play and explore sensually together in community. Deepen your practice of your Authentic Yes and No, asking for what you want and receiving.

Consensual Sensuality

Consent is Sexy! You will have the chance to deepen your practice of asking for what you want, checking in with your boundaries, communicate your truth, and give and receive touch that feels safe and pleasurable.

Awakening Yoni (Vulva) Massage

Learn practices to offer your partner an exquisite healing, sacred, playful and deeply pleasurable massage of her Yoni. This can be tailored as a talk based or hands on based group workshop.

Honoring Lingham (Cock) Massage

Learn practices to offer your partner an exquisite healing, sacred, playful and deeply pleasurable massage of his lingham. This can be tailored as a talk based or hands on based group workshop.

Group Affirmation Massage

Design your own group massage. You get to say where and what kind of touch AS WELL as the affirmations you want your massagers to say as they touch and caress you. The affirmations will be felt deep into your tissues and cells!

Anal Massage

Many of us carry shame, stored emotions, or pain in and around our anal area. Offering loving attention and touch to this sacred space and provide us relaxation for our whole body as well as the potential for expansive pleasure!

Puja Ceremony

A communal guided ceremony in which we connect deeply through our transparent, authentic and raw human selves. You will rotate through different partners in a variety of exercises that may involve eye gazing, breathing, asking questions, and consensual touch.

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