Thinking about feeling empowered around your sexuality? You’re in the right place!

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  • Coaching sessions are for you if desire to feel freer and fully self-expressed with your sexuality in service of experiencing a life you love in and outside the bedroom
  • For individuals or couples who desire to feel more connected, pleasure and intimacy within your relationship or to yourself
  • We start with clarity on your goals and co-create a plan to support your unique journey
  • I combine a variety modalities such as relational exercises, somatic awareness, visualizations, tantric practices, communication skills, sex education and more

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Before I met HazelGrace my life was like closed and restricted I couldn’t express myself honestly but the experience I had during the sessions was amazing I felt incredible about myself and more open. I am loving my sexuality and who I am as a person. And have found an inner strength. Thank you for all the coaching.

Female, Age 25

I have gone through the toughest 4 years of my life and could get no rest or relaxation what so ever. After my first visit, I slept better than I have in 4 years and I was so relaxed it was amazing. I have gone back since and not only learned to relax but also how to distress daily.

I had no idea it was exactly what I wanted and needed. After our sessions, my partner and I had the best sex! I feel like I have just opened a door on something amazing. Having HazelGrace’s guidance has been critical; I don’t think I could have gotten here without it.

Female, Age 23