Private Services for Individuals & Couples

The Sexually Empowered Man Program

This program is for men who struggle with feeling sexually confident or confused about what women really want.  Through this individually focused experience you will gain mastery in bed pleasing and satisfying women, have better orgasms and last longer.

Men Will Experience:

  • More pleasurable and expanded orgasms
  • More control with release
  • More confidence satisfying a woman
  • Understand what women want

Possible Modules For Men Include:

  • Erection or Ejaculatory Difficulties
  • Your Orgasmic Patterns (Increase orgasmic satisfaction)
  • Pelvic Floor
  • Porn Behavior
  • Self-Pleasure Patterns
  • Noticing, Notice, Notice!
  • Shame or Guilt Clearing
  • Sex is…
  • Asking for What You Want
  • Being with a “No”
  • Power of Receiving
  • Woman’s Anatomy of Arousal
  • Tantric Body and Pussy Loving
  • Understanding women – Create Safety and Connect to her Heart
  • Listen…Don’t Fix! – Empty her Cup. Tell me what you are hearing?
  • Noticing Game
  • Vulnerability Sentence Stems
  • Curiosity – Be Interested vs. Interesting

The Sexually Empowered Woman Program

If you ever struggle to ask for what you want, feel your sexual energy is stifled, or wish you could be more confident and free in bed…then this program could be the transformation you have been waiting for!

Women Will Experience:

  • Unrivaled sexual confidence
  • More pleasurable and expanded orgasms
  • Connect and celebrate your body and pleasure
  • Full self-expression

Possible Modules For Women Include:

  • Difficulty Becoming or Staying Aroused
  • Your Orgasmic Patterns (Increase orgasmic satisfaction)
  • Pelvic Floor Health
  • Fantasies and Desires
  • Self-Pleasure Patterns
  • Noticing, Notice, Notice!
  • Shame or Guilt Clearing
  • Sex is…
  • Asking for What You Want
  • Saying “No” and Consent
  • Power of Receiving
  • Your Anatomy of Arousal
  • Understanding Your Sexual Blocks
  • Noticing Game
  • Vulnerability Sentence Stems
  • Curiosity – Be Interested vs. Interesting

The Sexually Empowered Couple Program

Are you ready to take your relationship to the next level? Whether you are struggling to feel connected or you are ready to expand your pleasure together, this custom designed package will take you to the next level.

What You Can Expect:

  • Feel heard, valued and understood by your partner
  • Feel deeper intimacy
  • Expand your fun and pleasure
  • Increase your capacity to receive
  • Feel confident to ask for what you want
  • Powerful tools to support your ever-evolving relationships

What I Will Go Over:

  • We will get clear on what is working and what’s not working
  • We will get clear on the outcomes you are wanting to create together
  • We will collaboratively create a plan that will support your envisioned results

Modules Can Include the Following:

  • Your Erotic Signature /Fingerprint
  • Receiving
  • Asking
  • Pleasure Mapping
  • Shame Clearing
  • Deep Listening
  • Sharing with an Open Heart

Exercises I May Utilize:

  • Eye Gazing
  • Yab Yum
  • Orgasmic Meditation
  • Contact Improv – Take turns leading – and then create the dance together
  • Betty Martin’s Touching/Directional Touching
  • Sentence Stem/Puja
  • 5 Tantric Touches
  • Tell the Story of Your Genitals
  • Chakra Vibrational Toning
  • Your Erotic Signature (Your Erotic Map)
  • Yoni Massage/Pleasure mapping
  • Lingham Massage/Pleasure mapping
  • Anal Massage/Pleasure Mapping
  • Compassionate Listening (Not fixing!)
  • Hugging
  • Sensate Focus
  • Asking for What You Want – 3 Steps to Ask for What You Want
  • Turn on Checklist
  • Create “My Turn Me On Funbook”
  • Curiosity Game (Be Interested vs. Interesting)
  • Instructions on Genital Honoring
  • Vulnerability – Heart Opening – Noticing Exercise
  • Acknowledgement Game
  • Lab Night
  • Woman’s Anatomy of Arousal
  • Dual Control Model – Go and Woah – Sexy Context Worksheet
  • Erotic Massage
  • Power Dynamic Play
  • Fantasy Explorations
  • Surprise Date Nights
  • Play Homework Assignments

You Deserve a Compassionate, Knowledgeable Coach

I Create Space and Help People:


  • Share things they have never shared before – especially when it comes to embarrassing or shameful shares – when they do this, they release anxiety and experience more freedom
  • Communicate in a way that people can hear them
  • Access courage and confidence to ask for what they want
  • Hear pain, fear or sadness others are communicating in such a way they can access compassion for the other
  • Access compassion for themselves
  • Access courage to say no
  • Access and clear shame around sexuality
  • Feel their heart and love more present in their sexual expression
  • Learn and feel confident touching pussies
  • Learn what truly turns them on and why
  • Men extending ejaculatory choice
  • Feel loved and accepted just as they are
  • Feel love and appreciation for themselves
  • Access courage to express their desires
  • Feel more connected and aware of their bodies
  • Access and clear regrets
  • Discover breathing as a powerful tool to feel calmness and expand pleasure
  • Explore their pleasure or their partner’s pleasure free of shame
  • Feel more acceptance and love of their body
  • Identify disempowering language and upgrading to empowering language
  • Feel more liberated to be themselves

I Will Help You Solve:


  • Inability to hear your partner
  • Inability to be heard from your partner
  • Shame around pleasure, thoughts, desires, sensuality, pleasure, fantasies
  • Painful sexual memories or experiences that get in the way of present day moments
  • Lasting longer in bed
  • Not knowing how to touch a woman
  • Not knowing how to communicate with women
  • Not knowing how to touch a woman’s pussy – inside and out
  • Lack of desire
  • Lack of awareness of what really turns them on
  • Not feeling understood
  • Inability to stay present
  • Low self-esteem
  • Inability to ask for what they want
  • Inability to express desires
  • Feeling disconnected from others

I Offer:

  • Sex Education –  The education most of us never received
  • Gender Identity Support
  • Scar Tissue Remediation – heal scars from abdominal or genital surgery
  • Empowered Consent Skill Building – Boundary, consent, and negotiation
  • Healing from sexual trauma or child birth
  • Healing male sexual difficulties – Erectile dysfunction, early ejaculation etc.
  • Orgasm Coaching
  • Massage Lessons for Lovers – Art of Sacred Touch
  • Anal Healing and Pleasure Education
  • Women’s Anatomy of Arousal
  • Masturbation Coaching
  • Genital Mapping for awareness and well-being

Powerful, Pivotal Moments from Clients

I came to HazelGrace because I wanted to improve and enjoy my sex life more. She is knowledgeable, professional, personable, and full of love for her clients and her work. I had 4 sessions over the course of a month, learned so many things that have made a real difference in my sex life, and will miss not seeing her regularly. I feel more confident and use what I learned right away.

Male, Age 37

HazelGrace has changed my view of sexuality as shame melts away. As a facilitator, she is able to track the energy of language in such a way that it transforms into a powerful tool of creation. In a group, she is a captivating and a humble leader. She shines as someone so bold that the whole world can’t help but stare or be triggered by her capacity for fun. I have felt heard, seen, loved and supported in a way never before experienced from another human. With her presence, she offers a non-judgmental, attentive and safe space from which to heal from sexual shame and trauma.

Female, Age 36

  • When he realized that pleasure was not a bad thing like the church told him – and that pleasure can be good
  • When he realized that just because his son was sexually molested, and he didn’t know about it, did not make him a bad father and he as a father did the best job he could – he experienced compassion for himself
  • When he realized that by closing his eyes, taking a breathe he felt relaxation in his entire body – he was holding pain in his side body – and he breathed into the space and his pain was gone. “It’s magic” he said
  • When he was able to hold a eye gaze with me when he wasn’t even capable of that with his wife
  • When he went home to his wife and asked for a back rub
  • When she was given the time and space to explore her pleasure and possible orgasm for the first time ever without the expectation of sexual penetration
  • When he was able to win over the hot babe models in Las Vegas by being a trustworthy, kind, loving, masculine, and a patient man
  • When he said “I never knew my chest and belly could be worthy of love”
  • When he experienced multi-orgasm for the first time
  • When he was able to express his sexual desire without feeling “creepy”
  • When he was able to express authentically with a friend that he wanted to go to the movies with him
  • When he was able to clear out a past negative memory regarding his ejaculation, and create a new memory of connection and joy to his ejaculation
  • When he was with a woman for the first time, she felt adored, appreciated and that the experience was sacred
  • When he asked his wife to engage sexually for the first time in 4 years
  • When he said, “I FELT so deeply the love that I am worthy of”
  • When he realized the gifts he had to offer the world
  • When she realized that she has value
  • When he said “I love my sexuality and who I am”
  • When she offered herself compassion for a lie she made years ago in order to protect herself physically
  • When he cried and asked to be held
  • When he said, “This was the first time I have ever had the space and permission to allow myself to express my energetic sexuality fully – I have felt bottled up”
  • When he allowed himself to feel pleasure during a blues dance, when he had never allowed himself to feel that before

Curious and want to learn more? Let’s chat!

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