Lessons From The Sexological Bodyworkers Massage Table

I can learn what it is like to feel safe being seen
I can learn to open more to pleasure
I can learn that none of me is broken
I can learn that all of me has pleasure potential
I can learn how to surrender more to myself
I can learn boundaries
I can learn how to name my desires
I can learn that I am beautiful from the inside out
I can learn that I have a huge expanse of pleasure potential in my entire body
I can learn what feels good to my body and what does not
I can let go of old wounds and release them
I can feel what it is like not to be judged by my body or my desires
I can learn that I am worth the time
I can us the table as a place to give birth to myself
I can learn that naming my desires does not mean that I will have them met in the moment and that doesn’t mean that I am not cared about or that my desires are too much.
AND…on the table, I am in a unique opportunity to engage in each and every one of the above – again and again – ever widening and ever deepening towards the soul.

~ Pamela Madsen ~